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Rolling Battery by ABC Solar

Reliable Power Solution for Emergencies and Outdoor Adventures

ABC Solar presents the Rolling Battery, designed for both emergency backup and outdoor activities like camping. Solar-capable and wall plug-in ready, this system is your go-to power solution.

Key Features and Specifications:

Master Unit:

  • Power Capacity: 3600 watts
  • Battery Pack: 75Ah, 47V, 3600Wh
  • Charge Cycles: 3500 cycles (up to 80% capacity)
  • Outputs and Inputs: Various USB, DC, AC, and Solar Charger Ports
  • Weight: 44.45 kg (98 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 590x350x441mm (23.2x13.8x17.5 inches)
  • Price: $2,995.00 (plus tax and shipping)

Expansion Unit:

  • Compatibility: Up to 15 additional battery packs
  • Total Energy Capacity with 15 Packs: 57 kWh
  • Price per Unit: $2,750.00 (plus tax and shipping)

Solar Charging Capability:

  • Max Solar Input: Up to 1600 watts
  • Recommended Panels: Flexible solar panels for emergency use

Recommendation and Delivery:

ABC Solar recommends starting with 1 master and 1 expansion unit for optimal performance. Delivery time frame is approximately one month.

The Rolling Battery by ABC Solar: Your promise of reliability and convenience, ensuring power in any situation.

How much will this power?

This chart that compares the energy consumption of various household items over 12 hours with the 3600Wh capacity of the battery. The red dashed line represents the total energy capacity of the 3600W battery. Items to the left of this line can be powered for 12 hours within the battery's capacity, while those on the right would exceed the capacity if used continuously for 12 hours. ‚Äč

Rolling Battery by ABC Solar

Rolling Battery Master 3600

Portable Power Station - 3600W


Expanded Battery Back 3600 watts


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